Friday, March 20, 2009

Swimming Breakthrough

When I was not feeling very well at the beginning of the pregnancy, I decided that I was going to get out more and do more activities. I committed to taking Daphne swimming 2-3 times a week. It seemed to be something that she really enjoyed.

One of the lifeguards was enamored of Daphne and every time I went, she would give me tips on how to get Daphne to start practicing swimming on her own. She used to be really fussy about not wanting to go under the water or not wanting any water to get on her face or ears. Over the past 4 months, she seems to be making great strides in being able to swim. She is anxious and willing to go under the water for brief periods of time. She LOVES to slash and get her hair and face wet an she's learned a very strong kick. Despite all that, she still was trying to hang on to me all the time even when she had something else to support her.

When we went swimming on Wednesday, Daphne put the wings on her arms and rather than really hating them (like usual), she started laughing so hard that she let go of me. When she realized what she had done, she decided to go with it and start kicking. She ended up swimming the width of the pool without any assistance. She giggled the whole time.

When I took her swimming today, I put the wings on her again and started to swim with her. She was out of control. I could hardly keep my hands on her when she was not wearing the wings because she was so excited about her new independence. Her legs are getting really, really strong from all this swimming.

Good job Daphne, not many 2 year olds are willing to swim unassisted in the pool!

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