Friday, November 28, 2008


Every child is unique, and I only look forward to the days when she will be making me smile with her wit.

Daphne is getting better and better at communicating. Recently, she came up with the word "unders." This is a word she uses when she wants to be put under the covers. She combines the word under and covers to make unders.

Pretty smart right?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Horse Commercials

Budweiser has the best commercials. Daphne LOVES these.


We have been working hard teaching Daphne new words using puzzles and vocabulary cards and just talking to her.

We got a new puzzle when papa was here. There is an H with a horse on it, and right away she recognized it and called it a "horsie". The doctor that I have been seeing for my morning sickness is out in the country, and they have horses in the pasture around the clinic. Daphne LOVES to look out the window and talk to them. She is always up for a trip to the doctor to see the horses.

Yesterday, I was trying to explain the difference between a horse and a donkey with Daphne because she keeps getting them mixed up on a farm puzzle we have. I decided to use the Internet to sort it out. I pulled up YouTube and showed her photos of a donkey braying and of a horse neighing. I think she got the point.

She now LOVES to watch "horsies" on the computer, and I can't keep her off YouTube.

Because of this video, she thinks that all horses now belong in cars.

Lack of Posts

My recent lack of posts is due to (among other things) the fact that I again have the morning sickness bug with being pregnant. I'm not feeling great these days, and while I work to figure out why this is, I'm not up to doing much at all (ask Jared when the last time he had a home cooked meal was).

Sorry :(


I've got some Halloween photos to post sometime soon, but I still have yet to take nice, professional photos of Daphne in her costume.

Daphne dressed up as a dragon this year. Papa Bob was here, and we decided to go trick-or-treating. We headed out and went to every house on our block asking for candy and getting lots of love. Almost all our neighbors know Daphne, so it was fun to see them react to her in her costume.

She was very polite saying thank you after each piece of candy was given.

When we got home, we let her pick two pieces of candy, and we put the rest of it out in our hand out bowl. It worked out perfectly!

Early in the day, we made a haunted gingerbread farm and carved some pumpkins. Photos coming soon!

We Are Pregnant!

I've announced this on both Facebook and Twitter, but I figured the blog would be a good place to put it also (since it is a log of my life).

Jared, Daphne and I are expecting a new addition to our family in mid July of '09. We are excited as can be!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Feminist Comedy

I am taking a Feminist Comedy Class (don't ask) for school. This requires me to watch a stand-up comedy routine at least once a week.

This morning, I nestled down to watch Whoopi Goldberg, and Daphne snuggled on the couch to watch was well. Every time the audience laughed, she went into hysterical laughter, and she was more than happy to join in on the clapping.

The down side is that Whoopi swears a lot, and Daphne walked away saying, "S*it" once or twice. Oops.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ice Cream!

I was showing Daphne some flash cards with objects on them. I do it to teach her new words and also to help her learn new vocabulary words.

I was flipping through (you know, lion, yarn, duck, kite, etc.), and I finally came to the "i" card that had a photo of ice cream on it. She was obsessed with the card and she wouldn't let me go on past it.

She kept it while I went on and held on to it even after I stopped doing the flash cards with her.

Eventually, she decided that it was not Ok that she could not eat the ice cream, and she started to lick the card in an attempt to eat the ice cream. She didn't at all seem disappointed that there wasn't ice cream on the card. She just kept on licking!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Daddy Play

Today I encouraged Jared to make some time before Daphne's bedtime so that she could play with him a little bit.

When he finally emerged from working, she climbed on top of the couch and was jumping up and down waiting for him to come pick her up.

He picked her up and lifted her up to touch the ceiling several times, and she liked how powerful and tall she was.

The two of them disappeared, and I was wondering where they had went. I walked in to Jared and her sitting on the bed with the remotes pointing them at the wall making laser gun sounds. Daphne LOVED the game and I'm sure that remotes are all now laser guns.

She is permanently attached to her daddy for the night and it is so much fun to see the two of them play like nothing else matters.

Light Reactions

Today, Jared was teaching Daphne how to turn the bedside lamp on and off. Every time she managed to turn it either on or off, we would both act completely surprised, and Daphne would launch into hysterical laughter for at least 10 seconds. When that was completed, she would flip the switch the other way.

I've never seen a toddler have so much fun with something so simple.