Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Potty Chair Pee

I know I have been announcing milestones on here with potty training.

I put the potty chair on the floor next to my desk the other day to make it more visible. Daphne was playing around my desk today and then she just sat right down and peed on the potty.

I was so excited I made a big deal about it yelling, "Good Girl" for AT LEAST5 minutes.

She is finally starting to get it.

Hi, Hi, Bye, Bye

Daphne is quickly learning to mimic what I am saying.

Today, when I was milking the goats, Daphne was walking through the field with me. I said, "Hi Goat." Daphne repeated, "Hi Goat." I said, "Hi llama," Daphne repeated, "Hi llama."

Today, when I was getting ready to leave Julie's house, I said, "Bye Julie" and Daphne repeated, "Bye Julie." I said, "Bye Copper" and Daphne repeated, "Bye Copper."

How cute is it to have someone to mimic me?


When we go out to visit Grandma Diane and Auntie Melissa in eastern Oregon, we always stop in to see the pony.

In truth, Daphne doesn't love horses so much, but I think she is coming around.

Daphne and Eli

Daphne and Eli love to hang out in the car together. Don't they look so happy?
This was taken in May (I know I'm behind).

Monday, September 29, 2008

Goat Water

I was up milking the goat with Daphne today. The goats don't have water in the stall at night, so they head to drink first thing in the morning when I let them out. Daphne followed them over this morning and was trying to mimic them as they leaned down to drink.

I had caught her in the bathtub yesterday while she was on all fours drinking like a goat. I didn't realize until today what she was actually trying to do. It truly was a moment that I had to stop and laugh for a while.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I was mopping the floor yesterday out of sheer desperation to get the house back in order.

When I set the mop down, Daphne ran over and grabbed it and tried to mop the floor.

Perhaps my life just got a little easier?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Potty and Poop!

I have been working on potty training Daphne by making a big deal about when I have to go pee and taking her to the toilet with me and showing her how it works.

Today, I showed her how to go pee and then I left the bathroom to catch a phone call. When I went back in to see her, I saw that she was working on putting toilet paper in the toilet. When I looked in the toilet, there was a nice Daphne poop in it.

So, she accomplished climbing up on the toilet and making a poop all by herself. I am so proud!

Monday, September 08, 2008


Daphne came up to me today while I was sewing and she grabbed the scissors off the table while she said very calmly and clearly, "Scissors."

Where ever did she learn that new word?

First Ever Iron Chef Night!

Hello Friends and Chefs!

Now that the busy summer is starting to pass us by, it’s time to cook up some fun of our own! Iron Chef Nights are going to be starting up, and you are invited to join in the fun! Iron Chef nights are a mutation of the old “Tuesay Nigh Dinners” with a bit of a competive and fun twist.

The first Iron Chef Night is going to be next Friday, September 19th starting at 6:00 pm. We are going to hold it at our house (Jared and Chris’) in Carlton.

Here are some guidelines and tidbits:

· This first night is going to be a pilot night and everyone that attends can join in and have their say about how to hold future events. We hope to do them either every fortnight or every month depending on how people that attend feel.

· The theme for the first night is going to be “Summer Eats” bring anything you think that reminds you of summer. I’m going to make leg of lamb, lemon potatoes and angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream (that’s a lot of food, you only need to bring one dish).

Here is some information about the Iron Chef Night idea:

· Anyone and everyone is invited to attend and join in the fun. I have personally intived people that were a part of Tuesday Night Dinners as well as some additional friends. If you think of someone that I may have missed, feel free to send an invitation on. This is meant to be a fun gathering of friends. Please do email me if you plan to attend the first night.

· Every week will have a “secret ingredient” that will either be selected by the “chairman” (a position not yet appointed) or by the group by vote.

· This is being done potluck style. When you cook, bring enough for yourself to eat (two or more people can cook together, as long as they bring enough for themselves to eat). That way, if everyone brings enough to eat themselves, everyone will get enough to eat.

· A silent vote will be collected after the meal to determine the “winner” of the week’s cooking maybe we could do a prize or let that person select the next secret ingredient (see, it’s still all in flux).

· It is very likely that this gathering could get bigger than being able to sit an eat around a table, so plan to eat on couches or maybe even sitting on the floor, this isn’t a formal thing after all. This first week, we have a deck we can put sitting devices on and eat out there (before it gets cold).

· If someone wants to bring wine or juice or something to make italian sodas, I don’t think anyone would object J

· It is possible that we could get in on playing games like Mafia afterwards.

· In the future, it could be possible to assign deserts, main meals, side dishes and beverages to people who plan to attend to ensure that the meal ends up balanced.

· Bring a copy of the recipe you used for the dish you made so that anyone can copy it if they want to. We can all expand our cooking knowledge this way!

· If anyone is interested in being the chairman, let me know. I will hold the role for now, but the idea would be to make a video or something with the secret ingredient and maybe organize or assign what dishes will be made by whom. They would be able to come without making anything or maybe bring the drinks.

Children are welcome just make sure you bring enough food to feed anyone that comes along.

Please do come! We are going to have a lot of fun, and we want to get together and become better cooks!