Saturday, May 28, 2005

European Politics

I know that politics can sometimes be a boring subject, but I can get really interested in what is going on in the world. As you may or may not know, the European Constitution is being put to vote in every single member state, one at a time, as they did in the United States two hundred years ago with out consitution. It passed in Spain, but it looks like France is going to deny the Consitutition.

I decided to do some reserach, so I read the entire 65 page EU proposed Consitution. If you're interested and crazy like me, go here to read it At first I was very impressed by it. I wouldn't actually mind, at this point having the consitution put into effect in Europe. These are my qualms with it. Strangely, I haven't heard anyone else talking about these.

The Constitution talks about the European Convention on Human Rights. It honors and resepects that document. It is very similar to our Bill or Rights, but it is a little more comprehensive. Here's the text

One thing scares me though. It confers all of the rights on the people and then with a few little clauses, gives government or other people the right to infringe on those rights.

"The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or the rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary."

Yuck. It's like the US Patriot act where they basically have the right to totally monitor you for no reason in the name of "National Security."

With this consitutution, Europe is setting up to actually have something very similar to what America had set up in the beginning. The definition of "state" in 1700 was country. We, as Americans were really supposed to have things turn in a totally different direction. If the founding fathers really saw the country right now and how it has been mishandled, they would be disgusted, and they would advise us to tear it down and build it back up again (as Mr. Jefferson states in the Declaration of Independence). Europe's purpose in uniting together is basically to put all political strife behind them and, united, to continue on into the future. Not a bad thing at all, but when even the constiution allows for higher powers to come into the state and fix it or take over if it is doing something the EU doesn't agree with, that's going a little farther than the stated purpose. Don't get me wrong, it's mostly a good idea, but if not handled very carefully by only the smartest of people, Europe could be heading it's way to the United States of Europe and 1984 here we come.

I'd vote NO too, good job France. I'm watching your polls.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Popular New Blog

For whatever reason, people who aren't my friends and families are finding their ways to my blog. I have gotten at leas four contacts in the last week or so detailing how they found their way to my blog and how much it helped then with...blah. So, if you are reading my blog and passing it on, contiue to do so. I promise I'll keep writing!


Cell Phone Batteries

How is it that cell phone batteries always die at the most inconvenient of times? It's not like they have one certian lengh of time that they last and then they die, at least not for me. My phone will stay on for days and days at home and then when I go to the movie store and try to call my husband to consult which movie to watch, the cell phone dies? And now, as I'm expecting a call to come in, one that I've been expecting for days, my phone calmly announces that it won't make it. GEEZ!!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2005

New Found Love of Running


For any of you who think that I'm going to stop writing because I'm home, you're wrong. I'll try to be posting as much as I can here but definitely stay in contact because I'll still use this as my way to communicate when I go back to Greece.

BUT. I have this new found love of running that's returned to me I guess. I used to love to run and then somewhere in my life it just totally turned around so that I didn't like it anymore, I hated it. But now, I just feel like I can run and run and run, and it's really odd. I get up every morning before I take a shower and do some sort of physical activity. Many times it's running. Weird, but kind of cool really! Maybe it was hiking through all of those hillsides in Greece, but I really don't know!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kenny Really off the Market

Hearts really are breaking. My husband told me the news, and now I know I'm really stuck with him :(

Anyway, Good luck Kenny! Hope all works out as planned.

Kenny Chesney Married
Hearts are breaking all over the country music world. Yes ladies, Kenny Chesney, one of countrys most eligible bachelors, has reportedly married actress Renee Zellwegger.

The marriage reportedly took place on the island of St. John in the carribean where Kenny loves to spend his off time and owns a home. The wedding was attended by a small group of close friends and family. The couple met in January while doing a benefit for the Tsunami relief effort. Kenny, CMA's Entertainer of the Year for 2004, and Renee, Oscar winner for best supporting actress in "Cold Mountain" are certain to be a busy couple, not much time for a honeymoon, he is on tour promoting his new CD and she is promoting her new movie.

It comes as a surprise to his many fans, he has said in recent interviews that he didn't feel he had time to devote to both his career and a relationship. Though he has stated that Renee has been his favorite actress for while, even being inspired to write a song after seeing her in a film. Both try to keep a low profile and keep their private lives private.

This is a first marriage for both and I know this fan wishes the newlyweds all the best.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My Nephew

Here are some photos of my nephew Eli. He is so cute!

Adventures on the Way Home

Ok. So, here are the compacted version of my adventures. I just ask that you actually IMAGINE going through these situations, and you too can feel my pain (though it is good to be home).

I left Paros, crying, on the night boat to Athens on April 30th. This was the day before Easter, and I would have been able to stay one more day if the boats had been running on Easter, but that's beside the point! The boat was nice, much nicer than the one that I went in on, and I found a little nook in a hallway and fell asleep. At about 11:00, we got into Athens. Two hundred people poured off the boat only to find that the Greek transportation had been closed. There were no metro lines or bus lines running. People asked for taxi assistance, but they were charging between 100 and 150 Euros to get to the center of Athens. We deiced to find a hotel (we being some girls from Slovenia that I ran into). However, none of the hotels were open either, and when we got back to the port, there were no more taxis.

We were kind of sitting at the station trying to figure out what to do when four men from the Ukraine came up and tried to pick us up as their whores! Needless to say, it wasn't a good night.

Some people that saw how much "fun" we were having came over and invited us to stay with them in their "hostel" basically, it was the space outside of the metro station that they had set up. We planned to sit there all night until the metro opened at 5 the next morning!

And stay up we did. I called my husband and tried to sleep, but it was basically a waste of a night!

When the metro did open up, the two girls invited me to have coffee with them at their hotel, which I did, and it was very nice. After that, I headed to the metro and just went to the airport. I was going to see if I could get on an earlier flight to Rome.

I WAS going to go and leek at some of the museums, but they were all closed as it was Easter Day.

I made it to the airport, and discovered that the only other flight to Rome took off 10 minutes from then, and it was impossible to get me on it. So, I had another 8 hours to wait in the airport. I slept.

When I woke up, I found a man sitting next to me. We got to talking, and I showed him my art and gave him some of my prints. It was nice to have someone to talk to, and he seemed really nice!

I finally made it on my plane and ended up sitting next to two girls from Rome. I was to spend the night in the airport in Rome, but they told me where to go and how to get there, so I decided that I would follow their advice and go out.

I had the hardest time locking up my bags, but when I did, I went into Rome. I saw the Roman Forum and the Colesseum and then I went down to a piazza. When I got there, there were about a million people in the square listening to a concert. I hung out for a while and took some photos, but I then made my way back to the airport.

I slept in the airport for a while.

The rest of the day was ok. I got on a plane in Rome at 7 Am and got off the plane in Portland at 6 PM 21 hours later!

I stopped in Paris, and Cincinnati. But at least I was on my way home.

Needless to say, I was hungry and tired. I've spent the last week catching up on my time, but other than that, all is pretty well!

Freelancing It


Now that I've spent so much time an energy going to a photo school, it's time that I put all of my skills to use!

I'm trying to break into the freelance photography world, and what a ride it's been! I've got a book with listings of places to contact for information on freelancing (magazines and all that), but I'm wondering if anyone out there knows anyone that has been able to do this before?

OR, do you have any ideas for local Oregon magazines, newspapers, publications, etc? My book is national and doesn't have anything available locally. Give me an idea if you've got one!!!

Help Greatly Appreciated!


She's Back

Alright, Hello, Etc. To all who read my Blog on a regular basis,

I'm sure that you all know by now, but I have made my way back from Greece.

My husband was quite ill, and we agreed that me coming home to help out was the best thing to do. I left on Saturday night April 30th and made it home on Monday May, 1st. It was an interseting and exciting adventure to say the least! I'll write about it in my next post.

Basically, I'm fully contactable again.

Phone: 503-560-8600

660 NW Gleneage Dr.
Unit #50
Sherwood, Or 97140

I would have posted this information earlier, but we were trying to surprise my friend that I was home, and it took a while to get her to my new house!!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Giacomo Upsets Field to Win Kentucky Derby

LOUISVILLE, Ky. May 8, 2005 — Giacomo, a 50-1 shot, defied the odds and won the $2.4 million Kentucky Derby in a gigantic upset Saturday, running down a game Afleet Alex in the final strides and generating a huge payoff.

Even though trainer Nick Zito had five horses in the field of 20, including the favorite, George Steinbrenner's Bellamy Road, this Derby belonged to a 3-year-old gray colt who won just once in seven races.

Giacomo, who always managed to stay in contention, finished fourth in the Santa Anita Derby, and trainer John Shirreffs was confident his colt would run well in the 1 1/4-mile Derby.

Did he ever.

The winner, named for the rock star Sting's 9-year-old son, was ridden by Mike Smith, who, at long last, grabbed his first Derby victory in his 12th attempt. Smith was also aboard Holy Bull, Giacomo's sire, when he finished 12th in the 1994 Derby.

Bellamy Road, the New York Yankee owner's first real Derby contender, never mounted a serious threat and finished seventh.

Closing Argument, a 70-1 shot, finished second with Afleet Alex third in the largest Derby field since 20 started in 1984. It was also the richest Derby ever run, up from $1 million last year.

The wild results produced the second-highest win payoff in Derby history. Giacomo returned $102.60 on a $2 win ticket. The Derby record is $184.90 by Donerail in 1913.

Under gorgeous sunny skies, and with the second largest crowd in Derby history 156,435 roaring as the field turned for home, it appeared as if Afleet Alex was on his way to a victory.

But Giacomo came on with a rush and won by a half length.

The winning time for the race was 2:02.75.

Zito, who saddled one quarter of the field, has to be wondering if he'll ever have a better chance at winning his third Derby.

Earlier in the week, Zito said: "If we don't get No. 3 now, then I'll have to have Secretariat himself."

When it was all over, he said: "I thought I was in good shape. Obviously, it wasn't our day, and that's what makes racing. It was a great experience, but a great disappointment."