Monday, April 30, 2007

The First Words

I know that babies don't start talking until much later in life, but Daphne is really starting to get this down.

She spends a lot of time awake now, and likes to spend that time looking up at her mom and cooing and talking.

Jared and I have been spending a lot of time looking at her, and using one word "Hi" anytime we are talking to her when she is awake. She has started to learn to mimic the motion of the mouth, and she has a pretty convincing hi now. We are going to work on Hello.

I know that it's not by the book, but Jared and I are chalking her first word up as hi spoken on 30 April, 2007. Call me crazy, but I'm just a devoted mamma. You'd have to be in my position to understand.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Daphne Helping With Laundry

Daphne and Daddy

Melissa Josh and Eli

Hello Gorgeous...Give me Five

While Eli was here, he started to interact with "cousin Daphne" a lot more. He saw me calling her gorgeous once, and he picked up the phrase "Hello Gorgeous."

When we were riding in the car just as they were about to leave, she was crying. He turned to her and said "Hello gorgeous, give me five." It was truly adorable!

Zoo Time

My sister and her husband came to visit with their darling 2 year old Eli. As one of our activities, we decided to head off to the Oregon Zoo to see some of the animals. Of course, Daphne came with us. Eli was impressed by the goats and the elephants. I had a great time walking around with them. Daphne sat in her Moby wrap the whole time just looking around and sleeping. It was an awful lot of walking though, and my body wasn't use to it. I'm starting to feel like I am getting into better and better shape every day as I do more and go out and see more.

It was a blast at the zoo.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Smile

I have heard before that there is nothing more incredible than the smile of a newborn. Daphne is learning to smile now. She's got it down, and she smiles a little more every day. Certain things are sure to make her smile like getting her attention and saying hello to her. She also smiles when I blow kisses at her or make my lips sound like a motor. This perfect little form of communication can't help but melt my heart. I'm trying to capture it on film, but it is a little hard. Patience, I know...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Daphne smiles!

I have been smiling at her for a while, and she was able to mimic some basic facial expressions like opening up my mouth. However, she started to smile three days ago. It is so exciting for me because it is so adorable!!!!!! This is a big milestone for me, and I'm really enjoying it.


Jared and I have an accepted offer on a house in Carlton, so we are looking at moving soon. I just got back from the housing inspection a couple minutes ago.

Our condo is for sale, so wish us luck on that!

Happy Easter, Kalo Pascha

It is one of those rare years when the Roman Easter and the Greek Easter fall on the same day. This is pretty special to me.

Since I was in Greece last year, I have gained a great love and appreciation for all things Greek. One of the most touching things that I experienced when I was there was the Holy Week and Easter. There is nothing more incredible than being there and seeing how profound the religion of those people were.

For Easter, we had a nice dinner with some friends. We had wine and lamb and I make Greek lentils. We also made ice cream! WHAT FUN!

Take some time to start a tradition or take part in one you already have. Holidays are meant to remind us that every day is special and should be appreciated and lived to its fullest.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

1 Month Old

Daphne is 1 month old today!

It is hard to believe that this is really true. In some ways, it feels like it has gone by quickly, but mostly, it has gone by in slow motion. I am enjoying having nothing else that I need to do than just take care of her. We go for walks in the Moby wrap. She also goes out to Delphi and gets to meet all her honorary grandparents!

Here are some things that have changed about Daphne.

She now has control of her head about 90% of the time. She can't turn it side to side voluntarily yet, but she will hold it up when she is sitting up on your lap.

Her leg muscles are extremely strong, and if you hold her up for balance, she will support herself by standing on her legs. This is very impressive to me, but when she is awake, she likes to do it a lot. She gets stronger by the day.

Her field of vision has increased quite a bit, and she can see things far away, including the TV across the room.

She knows who Jared and I are, and she will turn her head or her eyes to find where we are in the room.

She will let me put her down in her crib if I keep the music on.

She sleeps through the night.

We are enjoying her so much!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Daphne and Apollo in Marble

This is an amazing sculpture I saw in Rome that only confirmed for me that my first girl would be named Daphne.

The Story of Daphne and Apollo by Ovid

Daphne was Apollo's first love. It was not brought about by
accident, but by the malice of Cupid. Apollo saw the boy playing
with his bow and arrows; and being himself elated with his recent
victory over Python, he said to him, "What have you to do with
warlike weapons, saucy boy? Leave them for hands worthy of them.
Behold the conquest I have won by means of them over the vast
serpent who stretched his poisonous body over acres of the plain!
Be content with your torch, child, and kindle up your flames, as
you call them, where you will, but presume not to meddle with my

Venus's boy heard these words, and rejoined, ":Your arrows may
strike all things else, Apollo, but mine shall strike you.:" So
saying, he took his stand on a rock of Parnassus, and drew from
his quiver two arrows of different workmanship, one to excite
love, the other to repel it. The former was of gold and sharp-
pointed, the latter blunt and tipped with lead. With the leaden
shaft he struck the nymph Daphne, the daughter of the river god
Peneus, and with the golden one Apollo, through the heart.
Forthwith the god was seized with love for the maiden, and she
abhorred the thought of loving. Her delight was in woodland
sports and in the spoils of the chase. Many lovers sought her,
but she spurned them all, ranging the woods, and taking thought
neither of Cupid nor of Hymen. Her father often said to her,
"Daughter, you owe me a son-in-law; you owe me grandchildren."
She, hating the thought of marriage as a crime, with her
beautiful face tinged all over with blushes, threw her arms
around her father's neck, and said, "Dearest father, grant me
this favor, that I may always remain unmarried, like Diana." He
consented, but at the same time said, "Your own face will forbid

Apollo loved her, and longed to obtain her; and he who gives
oracles to all in the world was not wise enough to look into his
own fortunes. He saw her hair flung loose over her shoulders,
and said, "If so charming in disorder, what would it be if
arranged?" He saw her eyes bright as stars; he saw her lips, and
was not satisfied with only seeing them. He admired her hands
and arms bared to the shoulder, and whatever was hidden from view
he imagined more beautiful still. He followed her; she fled,
swifter than the wind, and delayed not a moment at his
entreaties. "Stay," said he, "daughter of Peneus; I am not a
foe. Do not fly me as a lamb flies the wolf, or a dove the hawk.
It is for love I pursue you. You make me miserable, for fear you
should fall and hurt yourself on these stones, and I should be
the cause. Pray run slower, and I will follow slower. I am no
clown, no rude peasant. Jupiter is my father, and I am lord of
Delphos and Tenedos, and know all things, present and future. I
am the god of song and the lyre. My arrows fly true to the mark;
but alas! An arrow more fatal than mine has pierced my heart! I
am the god of medicine, and know the virtues of all healing
plants. Alas! I suffer a malady that no balm can cure!"

The nymph continued her flight, and left his plea half uttered.
And even as she fled she charmed him. The wind blew her
garments, and her unbound hair streamed loose behind her. The
god grew impatient to find his wooings thrown away, and, sped by
Cupid, gained upon her in the race. It was like a hound pursuing
a hare, with open jaws ready to seize, while the feebler animal
darts forward, slipping from the very grasp. So flew the god and
the virgin he on the wings of love, and she on those of fear.
The pursuer is the more rapid, however, and gains upon her, and
his panting breath blows upon her hair. Now her strength begins
to fail, and, ready to sink, she calls upon her father, the river
god: "Help me, Peneus! Open the earth to enclose me, or change
my form, which has brought me into this danger!"

Scarcely had she spoken, when a stiffness seized all her limbs;
her bosom began to be enclosed in a tender bark; her hair became
leaves; her arms became branches; her feet stuck fast in the
ground, as roots; her face became a tree-top, retaining nothing
of its former self but its beauty. Apollo stood amazed. He
touched the stem, and felt the flesh tremble under the new bark.
He embraced the branches, and lavished kisses on the wood. The
branches shrank from his lips. "Since you cannot be my wife,"
said he, "you shall assuredly be my tree. I will wear you for my
crown. With you I will decorate my harp and my quiver; and when
the great Roman conquerors lead up the triumphal pomp to the
Capitol, you shall be woven into wreaths for their brows. And,
as eternal youth is mine, you also shall be always green, and
your leaf know no decay." The nymph, now changed into a laurel
tree, bowed its head in grateful acknowledgment.

Daphne and Apollo Painting

When we found out that I was pregnant, the obvious thoughts of baby names came up. We thought about several of them, but as I was traveling around Europe, I went to the London Gallery in England. I was standing in front of this particular Renaissance painting, and I decided that the name Daphne was an absolute perfect name. It had to have roots in Greek mythology, and this particular myth was light and fun.

Here is the painting. I hope that Daphne learns to like it as she grows up. I'm rather fond of it.