Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Here are some normal, everyday photos of the girl. She is smiling more, and I am even getting it on camera a little better than before.


The Pirate Scratch

Here is Daphne's pirate scratch. Somehow this weekend I ended up scratching her cheek. She looked like a pirate. Her name could have been teardrop or anything. It is healed in reality now, but here is what she looked like before that happened.


Daphne Chillin' while mom gets ready for the day.

Mom and Daphne

Here are some photos of mom and Daphne--Rare.

Daphne and Mom at the Zoo

Daphne came to the zoo with Melissa, Josh, Cousin Eli and I. This is what she looked like the whole time...Sleeping. Please take not that that is NOT what I look like normally. Recovering from pregnancy has not been very good on my looks.

The bottom picture is what she looked like just before I put her in the Moby wrap.

Photo of Daphne Just After Birth

Here she is at OHSU, the hospital that she was born at. If she is ever there again, I am going to take the stupid name tag off her. That was pointless. I'm not going to lose my own baby because they aren't going to take my baby away.

Looking at this now, I can hardly believe how she has changed over the past two months. We are having so much fun.