Saturday, February 28, 2009

Many Forks

Sometimes Daphne helps me unload the dishwasher in the morning. She likes to keep all the forks to herself. Here she decided to use all the forks she could get her hands on to eat her pancake.

They fell on the floor one by one and were put back in the dishwasher.


We often give Daphne popsicles as a bribe for not peeing in her diaper overnight. They are one of her favorite things in the entire world.

She is trying to play peek-a-boo here.
and here.
Loving the Popsicle.

Couldn't she model?

Making Cupcakes

I made some cupcakes for Valentines Day. Daphne got to help me do it.

This is what happens when you let the baby lick the batter.

This is what happens when you take the batter away from the baby.
This is a baby helping bake in the kitchen!

So She Had Pink Eye

Daphne had some irritated eyes a while ago, and I wasn't sure it was a big deal. I took some measures to handle it, but it didn't seem that bad. I took some photos to document it, and now that I look at them, they look REALLY bad. I was sure she did not have pink eye, but the photos don't lie.

It went away totally with a homeopathic remedy. Thank god for them and for a papa that knows the right one without having to fumble through several books and Internet pages.

Funny Story

One day I was in the bathroom and I heard Daphne crying like she was hurt. When I got out to see what she was doing, I found that she had her head stuck in the cabinet. You see, the babyproofing things for the cabinets had broken, so I was using a rubber band to hold the knobs together. She pulled the rubber band just far enough to stick her head in and got stuck.

Funny thing is that she tried to do it several more times before I got another babyproofing thing.

Just for Humiliation

Daphne and Mom

Many Faces

I was trying to document the many faces of Daphne one day, and I got a good shot at it. Of course, she was grumpy that I wouldn't let her hold the camera while I was trying to use it!


Satori came over for a short visit one day and they got out the bikes. Don't they look like biker chicks?

Jam Face

I made a whole bunch of jam last summer, and we occasionally have it for breakfast.

If you ever wonder why eating photos usually have Daphne naked, take a gander at this one. This is why she rarely wears clothes to eat.

YaYa Christmas

Because we are a bit of a blended family, we have several different Christmas celebrations. This one was a little after Christmas when YaYa was around.

Daphne got some purses to play with.

Mama got some fun spinning things.
Daphne also got a Mrs. Potato Head.
Fun was had by all.

Mamma Mia

I've talked about Daphne's love of Mama Mia. Here she is absolutely enthralled with watching the movie. I couldn't get her to move for an hour.

Bath in a Sink

Sometimes when I am working in the kitchen the best thing to do is put her in the sink with a bunch of bubbles to play with. It can keep her entertained for long enough for dinner to get on the table or for long enough to clean the kitchen.


At one point, when she was getting ready to go to bed she spent some time putting the rest of the family to bed as well. Flaff is the most cooperative family member and here is some documentation of a playtime when she absolutely insisted that Flaff go unders (and stay there).

Smile Montage

Sometimes I have nothing more to post than cute smile photos. Here are a few that I have no commentary on other than the fact that she is so adorably cute!

Phone Hog

A while ago, Daphne started taking my phone and pretended to talk on it like I do. She sometimes will grab my phone and then walk around the house for 10 or more minutes talking on it with no one there.

More recently, she has started to beg to talk to whoever is on the phone. She either sits listening intently or she babbles on and on, and no one can understand what she is saying!

Scotty's Playplace

We go to Scotty's Playplace a lot to play. When Papa was here visiting, we took him there and got these action shots!

Of course the water fountain is the most interesting part (and still is).

However, the slide can be a lot of fun too!

Papa Reads!

Daphne is learning to read and is loving it more and more each day. We went to the library and got some books a while ago and when Papa visited, he got to read the books we first checked out

Flaff was even in on the action of reading.

Papas sure do tell interesting stories!

Papa Bob Visits

Papa Bob came to visit us after Christmas for a weekend. Daphne is getting older now so she can play with him and talk to him. She really liked playing puzzles with him and getting him to play with toys with her.

Of course, there is no better place than a Papa's lap.