Friday, February 27, 2009

Embroidered AIO Diapers

I sent these diapers away in the fall to be embroidered. It took a while to get them embroidered and then to get them all sewn, but they are now complete. They are hanging proudly on my wall waiting for someone to put them on.

The little bird diaper.

A paisley diaper.

A Halloween diaper.

Ballet shoes.

Mr. Turtle.


Celtic Knot

A shining star

Old-time tractor

Cowboy up.

The abacus diaper (one of my favorites).

An airplane diaper.

Poker hand diaper.

A beer mug.

You gotta have a red crayon diaper.

The helicopter diaper.

This diaper is not embroidered. I just put it in here for fun.
Mr. Fish

Who doesn't need a VW bug diaper?

Another non-embroidered culprit.
My show of patriotism.

More Halloween fun.
Some lovely chili peppers.
The diaper says it all.
More patriotic fun.
An ice skating bird.

Camping shoes.

More American pride!

The structure of the atom.

Musical diaper.

Chicken fun.

Counting sheep diaper.

Another lovely Celtic knot.

My sunflower diaper AKA U of O diaper.

The canoe diaper.

A lovely little boat.

Another tractor.

Some alien fun!

This is my Mah Jong diaper.

Mr. Caterpillar


Melissa said...

Those are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Very impressive, with and without the embroidery! Great work.