Sunday, February 08, 2009

Only 4 More Weeks...

I am happy and surprised to announce that there are only 4 more weeks of college torture.

I really am finding this semester to be difficult because I am suffering with the idea that I should be done already. I invested a lot of time and work, sweat and blood into completing school, and it it hard for me to believe that in just 4 more weeks that I will have made it.

Though I am doing the absolute best that I can in the classes that I am in, I know that no matter what, if I get a D in the classes I am in that I will pass them. I am almost to that mark in all the classes. It is comforting to know that no matter what I do, I am guaranteed a degree. I've been doing this in and among all the other things going on in my life since 2003. I thought I would quit so many times, and it seems almost impossible that I am this close.

The even better news is that my professors have released all the assignments for the next 4 weeks already. That means that if I did an assignment every day for the next week and half that I will be totally done with all my work.

And so, off I go to complete this work, feeling anxious but proud.