Saturday, February 28, 2009


Sometimes it takes me a while to get photos cleaned off the camera because Daphne is really loving playing with the camera so I stash it away and kind of forget about it. I'm cleaning it off now in hopes of using it more to tell more stories.

Here is our documentation of Christmas.

At first, she was a little wary about tearing all the paper off the presents.

She was excited about this gift. It is a fridge magnet set with all the letters of the alphabet. You put them in the thing and it tells you the letter and the sound it makes. It's always a hit when we are in the kitchen. This is her first glimpse at it.
Rather than making boring old cookies for Santa, we made Egg Nog doughnuts. I hope he enjoyed them because we sure had a good time eating them for the few days after.
Finally getting the hang of this presents thing.
Gee mom, whatca doin?
A photo of our lovely little tree.
Playing with a new toy with daddy. Oh boy!

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