Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Poopy Diaper

Daphne, at this very moment, is sitting next to me changing Patty's "poopy diaper" (her words not mine). Don't remember who Patty is? It's her doll that we got while she was in New York last year.

She was sitting there saying, "Mama, DaDEE, Poop" as she put one of her own diaper covers on Patty.

She will make a good little mama someday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We have had our fair share of illness this "winter" so far. Daphne had a cold, which I associated with teething until she passed it on to Jared and I.

Then, we went to a dinner party, and caught the stomach flu. Ewww.

Daphne woke up one night telling me that she had to "poop" and she promptly threw up. After that, "poop" was code word for "I'm going to vomit all over the sheets so you'd better watch out, but I'm not going to give you enough warning to get out of the way."

I spent all of Sunday cleaning every textile in the house.

After we thought it was all over, I ended up catching it yesterday. Thankfully, Daphne was still feeling badly, so we spent the whole day laying in bed together sleeping. It was actually kind of nice.

Today, I'm back to getting the house in order after all that chaos!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fair Time is Fun Time

At least that is what they tell me.

Newphew Noah

More Noah cuteness for you.

Baby Noah

Isn't baby Noah adorable?

Tomato Picking

We went tomato picking with Daphne and she had a good time running around causing trouble.

Mom and Babe

Best Buds

Jared should like this photo of his two twenty pound friends.

Dog Bed

Daphne likes to crawl into the space where the dog bed is and hang out with him. I'm not sure that Flaff is happy about it, but she sure enjoys herself.

Wannabe Naked

She can hardly keep her clothes on sometimes.

State Fair

We went to the State Fair in August and had a blast. To me, the State Fair is all about the animals more than anything else, so we spent a lot of time in the barns. Daphne did not mind.

She Played With a Pen

Blueberry picking

We went as a family and had a good time. The photos speak for themselves.


This is Daphne's bike. She always asks to ride it, and it will occupy her for hours out on the porch in front of the house.

Oh and I made the skirt too!

More Bath Fun

Boo Boo

This resulted in a tumble off the porch onto the ground. It looks worse than it was.

Potty Practice

Daphne knows what to do on the potty.

Modern Girl

This is what happens with Daphne gets a hold of any electronics!
Daphne is showing off her nightgown and her smile.

Burshing the Teeth

She is practicing good toothrbushing ettiquette, and her daddy is helping her out.