Thursday, October 16, 2008


We have had our fair share of illness this "winter" so far. Daphne had a cold, which I associated with teething until she passed it on to Jared and I.

Then, we went to a dinner party, and caught the stomach flu. Ewww.

Daphne woke up one night telling me that she had to "poop" and she promptly threw up. After that, "poop" was code word for "I'm going to vomit all over the sheets so you'd better watch out, but I'm not going to give you enough warning to get out of the way."

I spent all of Sunday cleaning every textile in the house.

After we thought it was all over, I ended up catching it yesterday. Thankfully, Daphne was still feeling badly, so we spent the whole day laying in bed together sleeping. It was actually kind of nice.

Today, I'm back to getting the house in order after all that chaos!

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Anonymous said...

As Rowan put it when he had the stomach bug, "Food can come out of you two ways. You can poop it out or you can frow it up out of your mouf."