Thursday, January 31, 2008

Falling Behind

I am watching myself slowly fall behind in my college pursuits.

It is so much easier, and much more fun to play with the baby, cook or sew diapers and clothes then it is to sit down and study. The baby has almost completely banned me from studying in general, so reading only gets done in the very early hours or the very late ones.

Additionally, I have assignments and stuff that need to get done. Those DO only get done in the very early hours of the morning. I really do wonder how I will do on my midterms next week. My only hope is that I make it through them, and make it through these classes with a C average.

For 3 years, I worked very hard toward completing a degree in Art History. However, when Daphne was born, it became clear that I was going to be unable to run to Portland 3 days a week to take classes there. I only have 1 year of credits left.

However, I can alter my degree and get a degree online. The degree would be a BS in Social Sciences. Though I do really like the idea of completing my degree, I have no idea what I would do with THIS particular degree.

On the other hand, it is currently being paid for with a partial grant/scholarship.

So, my question is, 1.) do I continue, or just take a break or 2.) if I continue, which concentration do I continue in?

I am having a VERY rough time with these ones.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oatmeal Cookies

I made oatmeal cookies today, and I am not typing more on my blog because I am off to enjoy them.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Diaper Talk

Wouldn't these be cute on a diaper?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Wool Cover

Here is the newborn wool cover that I made. The photos totally don't do it justice. I plan to use these for my future babies I think. It is just too cute.

All In One

Here are some photos of the All In One that I made. It is beautiful. It is also very tiny. I think that if I were to have a newborn baby that I would make the smalls. I also don't like the rounded flaps. I plan to make the flaps square for any diapers like this that I do in the future.

The Genographic Project

I get National Geographic. It is one of my favorite magazines because the photography is amazing and the articles are always very informative. I plan to keep all articles from it to teach Daphne later.

I have always been looking for ways to teach Daphne. I plan to homeschool her, and I am finding that there are tons of opportunities for teaching.

This is one thing I ran into that I thought was cool. It is a little too expensive for me, but it will be fun to see what the results are in 2 years.

People send in their DNA and then get back a report of where their direct maternal or paternal line came from. We aren't talking about genealogy. We are talking about the migration patterns of ancestors over 10,000 years.

I think it would be fun to do it with Daphne and see what happens, but it is pretty obvious that we are talking about a Caucasian baby here!

Check it out:

Portland is the BEST

I read an article yesterday that made me all warm and fuzzy. Apparently, Portland is one of the best cities to have a baby. It is rated #1 actually.

The full article is here.

Here are some highlights from the article.

•According to data from the CDC, maternal mortality in Oregon is especially low.

•The CDC also reports very low infant mortality rates for Oregon.

•Portland babies are 24 percent less likely than average to be born with low birth weight.

•Babies here are 21 percent less likely than average to be born prematurely.

•Relative to population, Portland has more specialty retailers of healthy/organic foods and vitamins than most places in our survey.

•88 percent of Portland mothers attempt breastfeeding. That's the 3rd highest percentage of any city in our report. The average for cities in our survey is 75 percent.

•By six months of age, 56 percent of Portland babies are still being breastfed. That's the 6th highest percentage of any city in our report. The average for cities in our survey is 43 percent.

•19.9 percent of Portland mothers breastfeed their babies exclusively (meaning no solids, formula or other liquids) for 6 months or longer as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, making it the 2nd highest scoring city in this category. The average for cities in our survey is 12 percent.

•Once Portland mothers begin breastfeeding, they are 14 percent more likely than average to continue through 6 months. That's the 8th highest level of follow-through of any city in our report.

•Oregon has particularly progressive laws guaranteeing a nursing mother the right to breastfeed in public.

•14.3 percent of births statewide are attended by midwives, compared to a national average of 7.3 percent.

•Portland has one doula for every 146 live births, the 4th highest ratio in our survey. The national average is one doula per 649 live births.

•Portland has 116 midwives for every 1,000 births, the highest in our survey. The national average is 37 midwives for every 1,000 births.

•According to our survey of park departments, for every 10,000 residents, Portland has 150 miles of public trails and pathways for hiking and stroller use, the 4th highest in our survey. The average city in our survey has 79 trail miles for every 10,000 residents.

•Portland has 61 lactation consultants for every 10,000 live births, the 2nd highest ratio in our survey. The average city in our survey has 23 lactation consultants per 10,000 live births.

•Expecting and new moms have plenty of parks: Portland's ratio of parks to residents is 1 : 1,827. The average in our survey is 1 : 3,790.

•Portland has plenty of high-risk pediatricians, 69 percent more than average per capita and the 9th highest in our survey.

•Portland has more OB-GYNs than average, the 5th highest in our survey.

•State laws require stringent background checks for day-care workers.

•Portland has 21 licensed home day cares for every 1,000 children under 4 years, the 6th highest in our survey. The average city in our survey has 13.

•In a comparison of inspection schedules for day-care centers, Oregon requires more frequent visits than average.

•Pedestrians have a 63 percent lower than average risk of being killed by a motor vehicle here-among the safest in our survey.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Grandpa James

Daphne and her grandpa James like to hang out!

Camera Pull

She always tries to get this string for the wrist on the camera. She finally got it!

On the Bum

When you are little, apparently, it is socially acceptable to put little things on your bum.

True Love

Let Me Out

Daphne's view of the world is expanding more and more every day. She was looking out the window this day. A few days after that, we were at my friend Julie's house. We both turned our backs for a few minutes, and before we knew it, the baby had made it out the front door and was heading down the porch.


Here are the photos to go with my previous post about the sweater with ears.

Who to Pick?


This is my favorite built-in feature of Daphne's playpen. I LOVE it.

The Many Faces of Daphne Elle

Playing Baby

Look at how nicely she sits there and plays!

Animal Terrors

Are these the animals that have been terrorizing my house while I was not looking. Hint: NO!

A Phone!

There is a reason that my phone is no longer under warranty. This series explains it just fine.

Chess Part

Guess who took (and lost) the missing chess parts?


Daphne's personality really comes out in a series of shots like this. She is too cute.