Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We have been working hard teaching Daphne new words using puzzles and vocabulary cards and just talking to her.

We got a new puzzle when papa was here. There is an H with a horse on it, and right away she recognized it and called it a "horsie". The doctor that I have been seeing for my morning sickness is out in the country, and they have horses in the pasture around the clinic. Daphne LOVES to look out the window and talk to them. She is always up for a trip to the doctor to see the horses.

Yesterday, I was trying to explain the difference between a horse and a donkey with Daphne because she keeps getting them mixed up on a farm puzzle we have. I decided to use the Internet to sort it out. I pulled up YouTube and showed her photos of a donkey braying and of a horse neighing. I think she got the point.

She now LOVES to watch "horsies" on the computer, and I can't keep her off YouTube.

Because of this video, she thinks that all horses now belong in cars.

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