Monday, March 09, 2009

Stick Horse

We decided to get Daphne one large present and one small present for her birthday this year. I thought long and hard about what to get her for a long time. She recently took to riding the broom around the house telling me that it was her stick horse. I then saw a stick horse pattern in the local sewing store. It seemed a bit beyond me, so I got Daphne a stick horse off Etsy. It arrived the day before her birthday and she opened it the morning of her birthday.

As you can see, she took right to it.

There she goes! I said that a few times and now when she rides the stick horse I am required to say, "There she goes" and then "Here she comes" when she returns. I love how Patty is FLYING along behind.
She SO loves her stick horse.
Checkin' him out!

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