Sunday, March 08, 2009

Last Final Completed!

I just finished my last final for my classes. I went into the weekend thinking that it would be nice to get everything done my Sunday night but not actually thinking that it would get done.

Daphne blessed me with a very long nap today so that I could write my English paper, which I am happy to be done with, and posted about earlier.

After dinner, Jared took Daphne to bed and allowed me to work on my last final. It was a timed paper of about 2500 words about various aspects of the American Vice Presidency. It was a challenging paper, but overall, something very satisfying to complete.

This officially means that I've done all the work needed to get an A in my classes. I've turned in all the work that is necessary for school at this point except a few small discussions this week. The discussions are incredibly simple and can be done one handed with a wiggly baby on my lap demanding that I feed her granola and yogurt. I can safely say that I'm free from school.

I'm going to hold of announcing that I'm a college graduate until I get a letter to that effect. The diploma takes about 3 months to get in the mail. Nevertheless, I am excited that I actually made it to this point in my school career, and I am proud!

I'm headed to bed to watch trashy TV and eat coffee ice cream. I deserve it.

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