Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Blankets Complete!

Before the winter started I decided that I was going to sew my way through the winter making baby things. You've seen many of the photos that I've posted of the various creations, and sometimes, I have a hard time thinking that this baby could need ANYTHING ELSE.

Truth be told, many of the swaddling blankets that I have from Daphne are just too darn small to swaddle a baby that is any older than a few weeks old. I did some research online, and I decided to make some blankets that were 36" by 45". I went to the fabric store and found two flannel prints that I liked that had animals on them and were unisex. I then bought a ton of muslin.

I made a blanket with each of the flannel prints backed with muslin. They came out REALLY well. I then made a blanket out of 100% muslin. I also have my 100% wool blanket.

I like my fabric choices because this baby is going to born in the summer, so it is going to be hot, but swaddling is comfortable for them. The muslin is very light, so it won't be too hot. Additionally, the wool blanket will be fantastic for the summer as well because wool insulates against heat the same way it insulates against cold.

Just one more step on my baby sewing project that is complete. What a relief!

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