Monday, March 02, 2009


Daphne is learning a lot about money lately. Every time I go shopping and buy something with a credit card she asks if she can help. She likes to slide the card and help put the pin number in.

Sometimes, when I am not looking, she will get credit cards out of my purse and start "running" them anywhere she can find. The most popular space is below the space bar on a keyboard that Jared lets her play with.

I was realizing at some point that she did not know what paper money was because she was planning to cut up some dollars that I had laying around. We started paying for some things in cash, and she got the hang of what "monies" are for.

While we were gone this weekend, we ate out a few times and paid with cash each time. At every restaurant, she took the cash to the waitress and said she wanted to pay the monies.

At the diner we ate at this morning, she gave the money to the waitress and stood there waiting for something back (even though there was no change due). The waitress gave her a quarter for her effort as a commission.

We then walked around the road, and she took the quarter and tried to put it into every slot she could find to get things to turn on. There was a design in the bottom of every light pole with a hole in the middle. Daphne took the quarter to every light pole and turned the quarter in the design. I'm not sure what she thought she was paying for, but she sure had a lot of fun doing it!

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