Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dinner is a Failure

After Daphne's nap, I headed to the kitchen to get dinner started. We get our vegetables from a CSA, so we get and awful lot of veggies sometimes. It often is overwhelming because it is meant for a larger family, and there are only two of us that are eating large meals consistently. I have 3 weeks worth of vegetables that I needed to get cooking.

I was going to make chicken rolls, which is a really cool Rachel Ray recipe, but I was going to put rapini and mashed roots into it to use up some veggies. I was using some thigh meat from the chickens I butchered last year, but I had to debone them. I was not meant to be a butcher, nor was Jared, so getting meat off raw bone is not easy for either of us. When I finally got it off the bone, Jared showed up to grind it for me.

However, in my frustration of getting the meat off the bone I forgot I was sauting the rapini, and I ended up burning it to a crisp. Two weeks worth of rapini gone. I really wanted to try it too because I had never eaten it.

In my frustration over the rapini I threw out the chicken bones rather than put them in my boiling pot of chicken stock on the stove. That was very frustrating to me because I RAISED the chickens FROM SCRATCH, and the fact that I wasted a perfectly usable product that I had worked so hard for was upsetting.

I lost my will to cook after that. After all, the smoke detectors have already gone off twice since I started cooking, so Jared's reheating taco meat and making some taco shells so I can whine about it on my blog. Bad job Chris.

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