Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yesterday Jared mentioned that he had some filing to do. As he was sorting through it, he asked me to put a few things away here and there.

Being pregnant, and on a serious organizational kick I started to look at what was in the files, and I got a serious urge to clean things out and organize them. We ended up spending the majority of the day going through files, cleaning out old junk and reorganizing everything. We moved on to Jared's desk after that and got everything sorted out and put away.

We threw away 4 bags full of shredded stuff and several trips to the recycling of other random papers.

We also had a really great time going through all of our random "cords and computer crap" that we had stuffed in a box. I needed something from the box this week, and it literally exploded as I opened it. After going through it all, we got it to an organized sanity.

It seems so nice to have everything so well organized. I don't think that Jared was expecting that much cleaning and organizing to come from a simple filing project.

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