Monday, March 09, 2009

Hey Mr. Groundhog

I must say that I'm very disappointed in the performance of the Groundhog this year. In fact, I read during Groundhog's day that he is only about 30% accurate which means that if you were to assume the weather is going to be opposite what he says, you have a better chance at reality.

The fact is, when he said 6 more weeks of winter, I wasn't so sad. I have an awful lot of sewing to get done and I was buried in schoolwork to boot, so I didn't really mind the prescription to stay inside for another 6 weeks.

The truth is that I'm done with the winter. The weather is completely driving me crazy and I don't like the cold. The fact that I am pregnant does not help my case either because it makes me even more antsy about getting the winter done with. After all, I am due in the summer and it's never going to get here if it keeps on SNOWING.

We woke up yesterday with a dusting of snow on everything. I was sure that was the last snow that I would see, but we had another dusting this morning.

I was sitting down with Daphne to process some photos to get up on the blog this morning and Daphne implored me to look outside. "Snow mama, SNOW." I ignored the comment wrapped up in what I was doing. After she forcibly turned my head I discovered that it was in fact full on snowing outside.

So, Mr. Groundhog, I'm almost done with all my sewing and my schoolwork is completed, I'm officially requesting 60 degree days. Thank you for your kind consideration of my request.

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Melissa said...

We got about 3 weeks of spring after the groundhog's proclamation, but we're back to snow now. :(