Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Organizing Life

Everyone had random things in life that need to be handled so that they can be COMPLETELY organized. I have a few things kicking around myself. I have been putting of several big projects that need to get done while I do school and make diapers and do other random things.

However, I was inspired yesterday after cleaning off my desk and actually knowing what the top of my desk looks like. My in-box only has a few small things in it that I am slowly drawing to a completion.

One big project I took on a LONG time ago was to transfer our family photos from VHS to DVD. I got most of the transferring done, but Jared let Daphne play with the DVD's and the labels on them and when I realized that I was going to have to do a lot of work to get it sorted out, I kind of gave up. I have a renewed energy to sort them out and finish the transfers.

Additionally, I decided to make a backup of my computer. This is a pretty huge feat considering that I have a lot of personal photos and videos I'd rather not lose. I was talking to Jared and we agreed that if I were to lose everything we owned, recovering the family photos would be vital. Of course I have a system set up for client work, but I'm working on a system now for the family photos.

The problem is, that I needed an off-site back up so that if there ever was a fire, the data is safe. Thankfully, I already have unlimited online photo storage. The problem now is that there is 50 gigs worth of data to back up, so I'm uploading the photos slowly, slowly. It feels so good to know that the photos will have a safe back-up, but it's a project I will be steadily working on for the next week or so.

All things considered, I already feel MUCH more sane though.

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