Monday, April 28, 2008

Sideways Sleeping

Daphne still sleeps with me. In late June, we are going to transfer her to her own bed at night to sleep so that Jared and I can move back into the master bed without a baby there.

I was reminded last night of the reason for this. Jared was trying to sleep in the same bed as us again, and it was looking very hard. I take up a lot of room with all my pillows and the baby takes up a lot of room because she doesn't seem to care about the other people around her. This has left Jared trying to sleep in the same bed but having to hand body parts off the bed in order to fit.

He gave up and went to his own bed where he would have plenty of room.

This morning, I was acutely aware of the baby taking up the whole bed.

You see, the problem is that she has taken to sleeping sideways on the bed. She sleeps not head-to-toe, but side to side, so one of us gets a foot in the while while the other gets a hand in the face.

She does this all the time, I don't get it. Every night she puts herself into this position.

And you know what, she may be getting that room to herself very soon.

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