Thursday, April 24, 2008

Money Wars

Since we have had our debt, we have been shuffling it around to keep it at low interest. We have done a very good job keeping it on a 0% credit card for some time, and we have, in fact, not paid a lick of interest on it since we decided to put it on a credit card.

In order to maintain the debt, we have been shuffling it from one balance transfer offer to another over and over again being diligent to transfer it as the previous offer expired.

We have had the great luxury of keeping it on the same card for a year now, but if we do not transfer it by the end of the month, we will have a high-interest debt on our hands.

And so, the money wars have started. With the financial crisis that is going on in this country, we are having a harder and harder time being able to transfer the debt this time.

We still have not found something that will even remotely work for us.

Jared and I are both motivated to get out of debt, and in fact, yesterday, we were joking that everything in the house was for sale. I wonder how much money we could make to pay off the debt if we sold everything we own.

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