Sunday, April 27, 2008

Outside, Outside!

I mentioned in a post earlier that Daphne is really interested in going outside. It is getting extreme. She almost would rather live outside.

Every morning, I must put on shoes, socks and a coat so that she can get to playing outside.

A fit is thrown when I try to take her inside no matter the circumstances.

The other day, I was out building the rabbit hutch, and it was pouring down rain. My efforts to go inside were met with a very grumpy baby who wanted to stay outside and get wet.

I sure am glad that summer is coming. We will be spending a lot of time outside, that is for sure.

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Mella said...

My niece does the same thing--whenever you take her out she throws her arms out and puts her face up to the sky and just coos and sings with happiness! :)