Monday, April 07, 2008

Good Recycling Tip

Since I am getting more and more into the "Green" life. I have decided that I am going to include some tips, advice, facts and other knowledge that might help others to take steps to live a more green life.

Here is the first one.

In January and February, Jared was getting a lot of medical supplies shipped to him because he was doing IV nutrition at home. We had boxes galore and all kinds of packing supplies. It was taking over the house.

I was able to take the boxes, the Styrofoam and all the packing peanuts to the UPS Store. The told me that they don't usually take boxes and Styrofoam but that they would take the packing peanuts. They ended up taking it all. It was nice to not have to throw all that stuff out and to know that it will at least have another life and another use.

Consider taking your packing peanuts to the UPS Store to be recycled next time rather than throwing them out and having them fill your garbage can.

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