Monday, April 14, 2008

Outside Baby

Like mother, like daughter. At least that is how the saying goes, and I really am starting to believe it.

In conjunction with the spring-like weather, I have wanted to be outside for some time. The winter seemed long to me because most of it was spent indoors or trying to do indoor activities. The rain wasn't always nice to play in. However, now the weather is starting to cooperate a little more, and it is starting to be time to play outside--and I have.

I have been outside moving dirt and putting together a garden. We have been building animal cages and working on other things in the yard. I recently mowed the lawn for the first time and even broke out the weed eater. The yard actually looks really nice. And you guessed it, Daphne was with me the whole time.

I take her outside and she likes to run around and explore as much as possible. It has been nice that she has wanted to go outside a lot because it has allowed me to do the things that I need/want to do.

Now, however, she wants to go outside all the time. She stands in the window sill and knocks on the window trying to get it to open. She rushes for any open door and tries to get out. I literally had to jump up from the party we were at yesterday several times as people were leaving. One time, she even made it to the parking lot before I could catch up with her.

Now, in the morning, she insists when she is getting dressed that I put on her shoes and socks. She knows that if I put those on that she has a really good chance of going outside.

What a silly baby.

Now, however, she begs to go outside.

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Mella said...

What a silly girl! But she definitely has the right idea about how to greet spring!