Saturday, April 26, 2008

Seeing the President

I heard that Bill Clinton was coming in to town on Saturday to campaign for his wife. I had a lot of doubts about going, but Jared and I decided to try to make it happen.

I do NOT support the Hillary campaign. If anything, I was there spying to see what they were saying at the rallies. I am not much of a political person, but being as this was a former President of the United Sates coming, I decided it was a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

I decided I was going to take Daphne and Jared and we were going to go and see this former President.

It was supposed to start at 1:45, and we showed up to a massively long line. It at least wrapped around the block. We were sure that there was no way all those people would fit into the high school gym, but they did!

They managed to fit every single one of us in. Unfortunately, the President was running almost 2 hours late, so by 3:30, he still had not shown up.

We were thinking of leaving, but we decided to stay and just hear a little bit.

As soon as the President showed up and started talking, I was out of there. There was no reason that I wanted to stay. I did not agree with the campaign or with voting for his wife for President.

I can't believe that she has hired someone to campaign for her that was a President that was almost impeached for adultery and lying under oath. All the more reasons for me to vote for Obama.

Let it be official, I do not like the Obama campaign much, but I feel that my vote in the primaries should go toward making sure that Hillary does not get the Democratic nomination.

Jared and I have changed our political party to Democrat and we will be voting, not for Obama, but against Hillary.

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Julie said...

Why not try voting for the person that you want in office? That is what your vote is supposed to be.