Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Fell Out a Window and Landed on a Chicken

Yes, the title of the post says it all.

As I was frantically getting ready to go on our trip to California, it turned out that I was having troubles finding people to help me with the animals. I had things all set up, and then suddenly, it all fell through.

In a moment of frustration and panic I went to make the usual trek down into the chicken pen.

The coop is set up in such a way that it fills up the entire width of one side of the house. You can't walk by it, so the back side of it is inaccessible, except by going out the window on the side of the house.

The purpose of having it like this is so that the chickens can go from one side to the other side on alternate days without overusing the land. I like having one side be a permanent run. I planted some clover seed on the open side right now, so the chickens have had to stay in the side of the run that does not open while the clover gets old enough to fend for itself. That has meant that I have had to climb in and out of the window ever day to let them out and round them up. It has been a bit of a pain--until it became a big pain.

You see, in my utter frustration yesterday, I completely missed going back in the window, and I fell out the window and landed onto one of the chickens. Miraculously, the chicken is fine, but I am not.

My ENTIRE body is black and blue. I can hardly sit or walk without having a lot of pain and I am feeling it more and more each second. Jared insists I need a new ladder so I don't do that again, and I think I just need to get half a brain. Come on, how hard is it to not fall out the window, Chris?


Mella said...

This is a really cute story.... I was wondering how it happened. :D

(And now I have to wonder, how hard IS it not to fall out of a window?)

Robin said...

Wow! I hope you're feeling better now...