Sunday, June 01, 2008

Boating Day and More

We did so much today that it was really like three days.

I never thought that I would have so much fun running around being a tourist.

We got up early this morning to go out and check out what was going on down by the Boardwalk. There were quite a few people out there surfing in their wet suits. I can't believe they were out there because the water was very cold, but it was sure fun to watch them try to jump up and catch the waves.

I was forced to think of the meaning of the phrase, "Surf's Up."

After the surfing, we went to the local bagel shop to get some bagels to eat. New York bagels are the best, and it was so much fun to sit and eat the best egg bagel available with cheese, sausage and egg on it. We ate overlooking the water.

After that, we headed down to the docks and hopped on George's boat. He is the caretaker of the USS Guam, which is an old Navy boat. We fixed up a problem with the battery, and then we headed out. We got a prviate tour of New York. We saw the Statue of Liberty up close and then we headed out toward Ellis Island. We then went up the channel between New York and New Jersey. It was cool to see the financial district and to peek in on what everyone else was doing.

It was the perfect day to be out on the water, and there were lots of other people out on their sail boats looking wonderful. We saw some yachts as well.

We then headed back around the island, and I drove the boat under the Brooklyn Bridge. It is one of my favorite sites in the world, and it was such an honor to get such a close moment with it.

We continued our tour heading back to the docks in Brooklyn.

All this was before lunch. After sitting down to a New York sandwich with a cannoli for dessert, we headed out to Rockaway for a walk. We met up with some of Georges friends before we took a mile walk down the beach collecting shells we liked while throwing the duds into the ocean like boomerangs.

It was such a plesant and memorable day, and I feel like I am starting to really get to know the city well.

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