Monday, June 02, 2008

Golf Game

George loves to golf, and we were talking about it recently while we were out there. He said that he would be out on the course every day if he could because practice is key, and he really enjoys playing.

I challenged him to teach me how to play. After working on my grip for a few days, we headed out to the driving range. Jared and I split 108 balls between the two of us, and we took turns playing with the baby. I tried putting her in the Ergo on my back while I was playing. It was pretty successful, but it restrained my arm, so I kept hitting balls really oddly.

I must say that I at least was able to hit the ball, which is more than I can say for my previous golfing experience. I hit quite a few of them up and straight and they went about 100 yards!

I think we will be doing more golfing in the future.

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