Sunday, June 01, 2008

The European in Me

We got to go to the Cloisters. This was something that was recommended to me by a friend that had spent some time in New York. He said I would like it, and he was right.

The Cloisters are unique because they are parts of important European building that have been moved to the US stone by stone so that we can have a part of them. They are well cared for, and they really help to give an understanding of some of the art. A lot of the art would be disregarded in Europe, but it is important over here. I felt like I was right back in Italy and France learning about the culture, and I annoucned to Jared that we were going to move to France and make cheese. He thought we should stay here.

I loved the gardens at the Cloisters as well because they had some important Mideavel plants in them that are not so common now. We spent a lot of time running around appreciating what there was to see.

After that, it started to rain on us, so we got out of there and took a drive in Manhattan. As we headed by a beautiful Church, we ran in, and I got to take a look at a beautiful Gothic churh. I am amazed that this wonderful city has so many churches in it that were built with such great care. I am so glad we stopped because the church was an important stepping stone in my art education.

We then continued to head down to the village. I had found a cheese shop online that I wanted to go check out, so after driving for a while, we found the perfect parking spot. We jumped out and headed for the cheese.

I am intereted in cheese because of my cheese making endeavours lately, so I wanted to taste some goat cheese. I ran into the most wonderful man in the shop, and despite the fact that it was busy as heck, he sat and talked to me about cheese and gave me samples of anything I wanted. I selected some of the best ones to take home with me, but the experience of being around so many different cheeses and getting to taste and talk about them made me realize that I am so lucky to be following this path, and that this is a wonderful game for me to play. I loved the shop.

After the cheese shop, we at at John's pizza, which I am convinced has some of the best pizza in the world. It was so much fun to enjoy.

We then walked around the Village. I loved the space because it was like being in Europe. It was sleek and hip, and we enjoyed just being a part of New York. I saw so many wonderful custom shops that were European in spirit. No Walmarts around, that is for sure. I was inspired and rejuivinated.

We got lost on the way out and realized that we had parked the car next to the building that was used in Friends. That was pretty cool!

All in all, I feel really oriented to the city, and I am loving being a part of so many things that I felt like an outsider to just a few short months ago.

We got stuck in traffic on the way out, which helped us to see so much of the city without having to even move. We saw SoHo and Little Italy. We also got to see China town. They were all wonderful to look at.

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