Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Big Day in the City

Jared, Daphne and I all decided to take off into the big city for another adventure.

We hopped onto the morning commuter ferry that goes from Rockaway straight to Wall St. in Manhattan. Daphne likes boats and water, but the day was really rainy, so we did not get to see as much on the way in as we would have liked to. Daphne was more interested in eating the bagel sandwich I had gotten for breakfast.

When we got into the pier, we walked off with the rest of the people going to work, and we walked along Wall St. looking at all the crazy people rushing off to work grabbing their morning coffee and bagel as they went. It truly is a rat race in New York.

We got to see a lot of cool things in historic downtown Manhattan. It is hard to believe that that is the place that dutch immigrants landed when they were coming to the US for the first time. It is one of the most historic areas in America, and it felt like it.

We got to see the building that houses the Stock Exchange, and we even walked down to the building where the Merchant Exchange was.

After that, we hopped the subway up to Chelsea Market. Chelsea Market is a market in Chelsea that the Food Network has their headquarters at. There were a lot of little novelty food shops to look around in, and we had fun looking at the fish and the Thai food and the Italian food and the cooking stores and everything else that there was to look at.

We escaped with nothing bought, which was a miracle because God knows I am sucker for kitchen things.

We then hopped on the metro again and headed straight for the Museum of Natural History. We were running a little short on time, so after spending some time in the Earth Section we headed on up to the dinosaur exhibit. I didn't expect it to be as large as it was, and Daphne had a great time running around pointing at all of the different dinosaurs.

We ran back downtown in time to catch the commuter ferry home.

It was a great day, and it was incredibly exhausting. Our time in the city is over for now.

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