Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Central Park Carousel

My grandmother loves carousel animals. In fact, the house I grew up on has at least 5 of them. I have a natural love for them, and I always jump on a carousel when given an opportunity.

While we were strolling through central park, we happened upon a carousel. Though I did not know about the carousel, I quickly fell in love with it considering that it is the #1 in the US. Here is some information about it from the website. http://www.centralparkcarousel.com/

"A carousel had been in operation at Central Park since 1871. The original carousel was powered by a blind horse and mule. The current carousel was manufactured by the Stein & Goldstien Company of Brookyln, for a trolley terminal outside Coney Island.

The carousel was moved to its present location when a fire destroyed the previous one in the in the fall of 1950. This carousel features the largest hand carved figures ever constructed.

The outside horses are 3/4 the size of an actual horse, A Ruth Sohn band organ playing Wurlitzer 150 music roUs provides the music and is original to the carousel. To this day the carousel and its figures are hand painted."

We got to ride it, and here is my proof.

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Diana said...

I rode this as a little girl! My daddy took me there many times.