Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 Tiny Goat Babies

This post is long overdue, but it is definitely worth posting.

While we were visiting in California, Scott's last goat kidded. She had two beautiful does, one black one that looked just like her and one brown one that had nice little spots on her.

While we were gone, Scott told me that they were having a hard time nursing, and he had found them nearly dead, so he rescued them and started bottle feeding them. This has turned them into pure pets.

When you leave a goat on its mom, it will be curious about you and let you handle it, but it disregards you for the most part. When you bottle feed a goat, they see you as their mom, and all they want to do is jump all over you and see if you have a bottle. If you do not supply a bottle, they want fingers to suck on.

Daphne was fascinated with these friendly creatures. Before they got bigger, I would set Daphne on a hay bale with them, and they would play with her while I milked the goats.

Now, she just walks up to them, and while they try to suck on her fingers, she wraps her arms around their necks and gives them a big hug and a kiss.

Though it is annoying to me that they jump all over me, she loves to be jumped on and pushed around. She has someone her size to play with, what could be better!

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