Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bike Woes

When we went to the swimming pool yesterday, I discovered that I had left my swim suit at home. I turned back home to get it, and when I got home, my bike fell over.

I didn't think anything of it as I hopped on the bike back to the pool. I had a very difficult time getting there, and I almost fainted. I had no idea that it was taking me 10 times more effort to ride the bike than normal because I attributed it to the heat.

I had Jared ride the bike home, and he confirmed that something was wrong.

I hopped back on the bike on the way to the pool today, and it turns out that the wheel was totally bent up.

After riding the bike to the pool, I discovered it was closed, and I hopped on to go home.

It had been a hot day, and I was determined to swim, but it was not in the cards. The problem was that my bike really was not doing well, and the back tire was off by at least 6 inches. It almost killed me!

I am so sad my bike is broken. It is going to cost a good penny or two to fix it, and it is possible that I will need to buy a new bike altogether. This makes me very sad, because God knows how long I will be without a bike. I LOVE my bike.

I'll keep you updated.

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