Monday, June 23, 2008


The "terrible twos" are something that you are told to fear as a parent. Of course, having a naturally wonderful daughter to begin with, I never thought that this would happen to me.

When we were visiting Papa Bob last, I was encouraging her to use more words. One of the words I was trying to teach her was, "No." Papa Bob told me that I was going to regret teaching her that word, and I was sure that he was wrong.

Fast forward a month. Daphne has learned how to say no, and she uses it in the worst of times. Whenever I try to make a peaceful exit from the grocery store, she spots the candy bar impulse buy section and screams, "no, no, no" as I pick her up to get her out of the store. It can be pretty embarrassing.

She has taken to answering, "no" to every question

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Melissa said...

Sounds a bit like my niece, who likes "uh oh" and "no" nearly equally. :)

But she favors a wordless, eardrum-bleeding shriek.