Monday, June 02, 2008


George and I have been talking about kayaking off and on. Every time we went out around water there were people out in their kayaks moving along. I have only ever been in a kayak one time when I was much younger, and I barely remember it.

George was telling me that there is this new type of kayak that you use foot pedals on, and it is just like riding a bike. I was excited to try it out, so we headed down to the docks and rented one.

I can honestly say that we had a blast out there. The pedals were easy to use, and the boat even had a rudder. I could get it going really fast, and I could even get it to turn in a circle with very little effort on my part.

One funny note is that we were trying to change kayaks midstream, and though I managed to stay dry, George did not, and we had a funny experience with him being stuck in the mud trying to get back into the boat!

I saw lots and lots of clams and mussels along the edges of the shore. I was eying them, but George told me the EPA would come get me if I even thought about it. How sad.

I am actually thinking about trying to find a place to kayak in Oregon. It is such a fun little sport.

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