Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Price of Breakfast

Today being Sunday, I decided to make something special for breakfast. In fact, every Sunday for the past couple of weeks has had me making some new special breakfast meal. Call it past cultural tradition from when my grandma used to make waffles sometimes or just call it me enjoying the weekend. The point is that I made a special breakfast.

We had pancakes and fiesta eggs. I really like pancakes, but I rarely make them, so I broke out the cookbook my sister bought me a year or so ago to try the recipe in there. I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

As we sat there eating, Jared and I were thinking about the cost of the food.

If we had gone out to eat at Denny's, the meal would have cost us about $20. At home, the meal (for all three of us) cost us about $3.

My Master Card jingle for this is:

2 Grand slam breakfast and a kids menu breakfast at Denny's - $20
1 Home made Sunday breakfast - $3
Eating breakfast with the entire family -Priceless
Not having to haul the kiddo around in the car to get to breakfast - also PRICELESS!

Consider making a meal at home for your family. It turns out, knowing how to cook is incredibly economical.

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