Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Being 6 months pregnant has really put me on a big cleaning kick. Some call it "nesting" I personally hate that word. I'm just taking the idea of spring cleaning to an entire new level.

I've decided to go through everything we own and decide if it is something that we really need or if it can be turned into something that we really need.

Last weekend we wasted away going through the file cabinets, the computer equipment and Jared's office. I must say that I'm very proud of what we came up with in the end. It really is nice in there.

I've been sewing my way through the winter claiming all the way that I was really cleaning. You see, the idea is that if I sew everything up then there is no fabric or scrap stuff laying around my house, and isn't that useful after all? This has only proven out recently when it really shows that I have no more fabric to sew. I've had a few skirts on my sewing table, but I sat down this morning and whipped out the last part on all of them, so they are ready to put snaps on and then put in the drawers to be used.

I went through Daphne's clothes and took everything too small for her and either set it aside for a new baby or decided to consign it. Some things needed a little refashioning. For example, since she is potty trained, onesies are very difficult to deal with, especially in public. I cut the bottoms off all the onesies she has and turned them into shirts. They look so much better!

I also took all the winter clothes and put them away for the summer. Out came the spring and summer outfits.

While I was on that roll, I got all the Newborn baby clothes out and washed them. The baby now has a drawer full of clothes waiting for him/her/it to make his/hers/its appearance. It feels good to know that there isn't really anything else I would have to do if I ended up having a baby this very second.

I cleared the space on my beside table to use for baby stuff. We have little cubbies for beside tables, so I put baby blankets in one cubby and burp cloths in another, etc. It looks really good, and I don't mind sharing the space with the baby considering that it really was empty space anyway.

Additionally, I got out all the diapers for the baby and put away any anything that needed to be put away. They are washed and ready to go. I also took a set of them and put them in a diaper bag with an outfit and a pair of pj's to take with us if/when we go anywhere to have the baby. It's nice to think that that's not something that needs to be worried about.

I even went through 6 huge tubs of clothes and decided what to keep permanently and what to consign. There is a sale going on in two weeks that I'm going to take it all to. It is a good place to get baby things, but the truth is that it is also a great place to sell anything also.

In the midst of all this I found a stain on the floor so of course the steam cleaner came out, and with it the decision that I might as well steam clean the entire house while I'm at it. It's not going to get any easier to do over the next several weeks.

And it may sound crazy that I'm doing all this stuff so early, but not really when you consider the fact that I'm going to be too hot and tired to do any of this stuff once late spring/early summer rolls around. I'll be free and clear to cook and relax with my baby.

Besides, yesterday was incredibly cold and blustery, and though we are having more and more spring days, it really is having a difficult time actually rolling around to spring.

This is where I have been, lest you feel I've been neglecting you.

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Melissa said...

Go, go, go! I felt just this way when I was about 6 months pregnant. Why wait until the end when your HUGE?