Friday, April 03, 2009

More Crazy Cleaning

Daphne has been taking a long nap this afternoon. Rather than spend the time sitting around, like I first felt like doing, I decided to do some boring household stuff that Daphne would drive me nuts helping with. I went into our back bathroom that was already almost spotless and pulled everything out and decided it was time to steam clean it. I managed to get it vacuumed down and steam cleaned before Daphne woke up.

Then, I got into her toy box that she uses for bath toys and decided it was time to cull. I pulled out a toy she doesn't ever play with as well as picked up toys that were broken or missing arms. I sanitized them all. The rubber ducks that I have a soft spot for have long had algae growing in them, so I added them to the sanitation bath and got them all cleaned out. I put them away with some other baby toys for baby #2. I have NEVER worried about sanitizing things for Daphne, not even when she was a tiny baby. I'm not quite sure why I am neurotic about making everything spotless and germ free at this point, but I guess I can go along with it. Its not like super cleaning the house is going to bring harm to anyone right?

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