Monday, April 13, 2009

Daphne's Skirts

I've been putting together these skirts for Daphne for quite a while now, but I just completed them all and managed to get photos on them. I developed the pattern for these skirts based on a wrap around skirt from another blog I read. Each of the skirts are reversible, and most of them have the "bubble" look to them. I developed that technique by simple putting elastic along the bottom of the skirt before I turned it right side out for the last time.

I get compliments about them ALL THE TIME when we are out. I love when people ask me where I bought it from. I take pride in saying casually "oh, I made it!".

I purposely made the skirts VERY big. They wrap around Daphne 2 times now, and they almost fit me. With a snap closure, the skirts will grow with her and will only disappear when they have been worn out beyond use. It's a brilliant, frugal, darling way to clothe a baby girl.

There are lots of fun flower prints.

This is a good view of the "bubble" effect.

This skirt is a shorter version than many of the others.

Another shorter skirt.

One of the few non-bubble skirts.

This is the first one I made. It is a wrap around skirt that is double sided, and it ties closed. It won a blue ribbon at the fair this year.

This is Daphne's Easter skirt! She got it in her Easter basket. I love the colors on it. It is made out of a lightweight jersey, so it is not as poofy as some of the other skirts, and I really love that about it.

Everyone needs a farm print skirt.

I got this fabric from my grandma. I think it will be a definite fair entry this year.

A 1998 Joe Boxer print. Cows playing golf. Classic!

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