Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Birth Plan Revisited

I was thinking about the length of my birth plan recently, and I was still unsure that I liked it. I was glad that I focused on things relating to a c-section last time because the staff did comply with some requests (i.e. no eye ointment). However, I felt that the birth plan was very heavily focused on what to do if there was a problem and not really focused very well on affirming a successful and beautiful VBAC. I decided to split the birth plan up. I made a plan for the midwives and a plan for the hospital should I need to transfer. That way, the midwives can look at what I am actually looking for in a birth and not have to wade through all of the things I don't desire about a hospital transfer. I think this focuses more positively on the birth that I DO want and making that happen.

I got a lot of birth plan help online, so I am posting this online as well so that anyone else can read it and get some use out of it. I am going to post them in separate posts so that they can be easily found and referred to if necessary.

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