Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seedlings Transplanted

Last year, I didn't bother to start any plants inside, and I really did regret the decision. Though the garden produced a LOT of food, some of the things were started much to late. My spinish just went to seed and was not useful. HOWEVER, the seed did drop in the bed, and I've now got a whole beautiful bed of spinach that overwintered nicely. I'm going to cut it all as soon as I am done with this post.

I decided to start some seedlings inside this time around so that they would have a longer growing season. It turned out that this really didn't work very well either. The only space I have available is the window sills, and since they only get afternoon sun, it really wasn't enough light to get them to germinate. Many of the plants that did germinate really didn't like the low light situation they encountered.

I managed to get a few beds prepared despite the plants not being very happy and I've transplanted many of the seedlings. I have an entire bed of artichokes. They take over a year to produce, so that will be a LONG experiment. I've also got another bed that has peppers, eggplant and melons in it. That is 2 beds down and three more left to plant. I've got to get the spinach out of one of the beds first, so that's the project of the afternoon!

I hope to post some photos soon because things are really starting to look good.

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