Thursday, April 09, 2009

End of the Goat Project

Last March all the stars were aligned right and I finally sorted everything out so that I would be able to have a goat to milk and take care of. I had been looking to do the project for a very long time, but getting all the circumstances right really was difficult. I finally found the perfect partner where we were of equal use to each other. I boarded my goats at his house and helped out with things here and there. It was the perfect mutual relationship, especially considering that his wife was pregnant. I was able to take up any slack in a baby being born in the middle of the milking season.

I didn't update about the project as much as I should have, but I definitely loved doing the project. I spent the spring, summer and fall making cheese and yogurt and putting goat milk in almost everything that I could. Daphne and I got to drive up to the farm every day and hang out with the goats, and it was the perfect situation.

The more I started doing with the goats this year, the more clear it became that this was going to be a tough project to manage being pregnant. The drive seemed longer the more I did it on dirt roads with a 7 month pregnant belly. Hauling grain and hay around is getting tougher and tougher. Even getting down to clip the udders of the goats was a challenge after they kidded.

I decided that I was going to sell my 2 goats, Milky and Fawn and see how it went. I was contacted by a very lovely lady who had sold her herd in another state and was helping start up locally. She thought the goats sound fantastic and wanted to come look at them. It all happened in such a whirlwind.

I met her today up at the farm and we went over everything with the goats. They absolutely LOVED them and were happy to take them. Fawn was looking INCREDIBLY close to kidding, so it's a good thing we didn't wait any longer to transport her. They decided to take the goats on the spot. It turned out fabulously. I'm happy to see them go to a new home, and I'm excited to see photos of what the kids will look like.

I have mixed feelings about ending the project. It was the joy of my summer last year, but I keep telling myself that at 25, these will not be the only goats I will own, that's for sure. More goats are in my future. So I look froward a little sad but happy that I had the sanity to do the right thing.

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