Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cleaning Update

When was the last time that you were bothered by the dust and muck on your baseboards? That's something that's been driving me nuts lately.

I finished my own room and made it to Daphne's room for cleaning. This involved organizing and going through all our clothes from newborn clothes through the clothes that don't yet fit. I sorted through the clothes that I am going to keep and I washed and tagged the others and got them off to a consignment sale for the weekend. I still have 7 smallish tubs full of clothes and diapers for a baby, but it is more than enough wonderful clothes to fit any sex of baby that comes into our life in the future!

I then went through all the toys she has. I rotated some toys out and put them in the closet. I organized everything in the closet and put toys and other things in plastic bins. The only thing that is not yet really cleaned or set up is the car seat and the baby swing. With at least 3 months left to go, I've still got plenty of time to worry about that. Until, it is snug in the top of the closet.

I washed and bleached the sheets and the comforter, so everything is actually white again. White is not a good color to have around kids, that's for sure!

I made it to the floor and scrubbed the baseboards and steam cleaned the floor. It looks wonderful, and I'm so proud of it. I am excited that yet another room is ACTUALLY organized.

I got it all done in time for my friend Nico to stay.

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