Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chronicles of a Crazy Cleaning Frenzy

When was the last time that you thought that the bathroom door needed a good scrub? You see, this whole pregnant nesting/spring cleaning thing has gotten out of hand lately, and my commitment to clean and organize our house thoroughly has been taken WAY farther than I thought it ever would go.

Jared and I have different philosophies about cleaning. I tend to believe that things need to be cleaned and set up and then everything get organized, but not before it is cleaned. Jared believes that things should go kind of where they belong and then get organized at some point in the future. HIS viewpoint makes me feel nuts. The problem is that my method of cleaning has every other area except the clean areas trashed until they too get to be cleaned and organized. MY viewpoint drives him nuts. Isn't that what being married is all about?

Today I finally got around to getting the bathroom handled. Of course that meant scrubbing the bathtub and the walls. I even got down on my hands and knees and got the floor scrubbed (they say it's good to do that while pregnant).

I managed to go through all our cupboards and medicine cabinets in the bathrooms and get everything nice and clean.

When I looked at the door of the bathroom, I couldn't help but see yet another thing that had to be done. It was covered in fly specs and other weird yellow stuff. It took a good 10 minutes of scrubbing time, which in the 3rd trimester adds up to about a half day of hard work for a normal person.

All this was done so that I could get the bathroom floor mats off the floor of the baby's room, which was my next real target. Jeez. Where will this neurosis take me to next?

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