Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Midwife Birth Plan

I plan to have a VBAC water birth at the Portland Andaluz birth center.

If transferring is necessary, I would like to transfer to OHSU, and only in the case of emergency. Please discourage me from transferring if it is not an emergency.

I plan to have a doula for support who will also act as a photographer for the birth.

I would like my 2 year old daughter to experience the birth. She will be taken care of completely by my doula and my husband.

I feel that I will get enough support from the Andaluz midwives, so I desire that no family or guests attend the birth. If anyone shows up at the birth center they should be told to return home and wait for communication from my husband or myself.

We desire silence during contractions and the delivery for religious reasons.

If it is available, I prefer the Tierra room. If it is not available, the Solona room is my second choice.

I am eager to stay at home as long as possible during the labor. I am hoping to drive to the birth center when the contractions have become very intense, hopefully around 5-6 centimeters dilated.

I plan to have a water birth, however, if I need assistance in pushing, I am open to other positions on dry land.

I would like silence maintained during the delivery of the baby if this is possible, however gentle encouragement is also important to me.

I would like to try to catch the baby with the help and guidance of the midwife.

I would like the lighting as low as possible when the baby is born.

When my baby is born, please pass him or her straight to me unless there is an emergency. The first few moments of bonding are important to me without logistical interruption.

When the baby is born, I would prefer that the room stay silent and calm. It is especially important do that there are no comments made about the sex or the state of health of the baby.

I plan to have a natural third stage, allow the placenta to turn up in its own time. I would like the cord to stop pulsing before it is cut.

I would like to freeze the placenta and take it home with me.

If there is tearing, I am more inclined to have stitches than to not.

Please do not administer a Vitamin K injection to the baby. We plan to use the non-synthetic oral Vitamin K.

Please do not administer eye prophylaxis to my baby after birth.

We would like to do the newborn screening tests as two tests, the first occurring before we leave the birth center.

I have a separate plan should a transfer or a c-section be needed. It should be in my file accompanying this one.

I desire that a midwife accompany me until the baby has been born and we are both found to be OK. I understand that midwives do not have hospital privileges, but it does not stop her from advocating on my behalf as a “family friend.”

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