Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Ballerina Model

On Monday Daphne and I went for a bike ride and then a hike. I have been meaning to take some photos of her in her tutus since I made them for her birthday a month ago.

The weather was just perfect (nice and overcast). I got on my bike and rode down the old railroad tracks. We then hiked through blackberry bushes and over a stream to get to the perfect spot to do the photos.

I got some cool new tools recently to work with photos, so though many of these photos are a little "over processed" I was trying to figure out what limits I had with the tools I was using.

Truthfully, I am happy with the tools and happy with the photos. I accomplished documenting a lot of the things I have been wanting to document. I had a hard time narrowing the photos down to these ones.

Daphne loves this hat, and I can't blame her. I encourage her to wear it as often as possible. It looks stunning with her necklace. I'm scared these beautiful curls are going to disappear soon, so pay special attention to how beautiful her hair is.

My photography mentor once told me that photography skills are valuable in life no matter what you end up doing with them. If they are used for the sake of documenting your life, you have been successful. I believe this to be true. If I never made another penny from a photography job, I thank goodness that I can take my daughter on a bike ride and return home with images that look like this.

Pink and black, what more can I say. This is the perfect picture.

This did an excellent job catching the curls I've been so desperate to document and save forever.

I've been teaching her to model a lot recently, and I must say she is doing a great job these days.

Another really good modeling shot. Really, doesn't get much better than that.

A classic laughing photo.
More curls. I love the mood of the day in this photo. I love the part of spring that comes with warmer temperatures but cloudy and windy skies.

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Melissa said...

I LOVE these pictures. And that time of year is my favorite too!