Monday, April 20, 2009

Fickle Weather

I feel like I've been in a race against time. I was hoping to get all the household things done before the weather started to get nice so that I could move on to doing fun outdoor things.

I was reading facebook statuses last week about snow, and now everyone is complaining about the heat. It's supposed to get over 80 here today, so I totally understand! I've gotten started on a LOT of outdoor projects, but I still have some indoor projects to complete.

With the nice weather, I have been outside all day getting things done, and it sure seems to be working.

I finished shearing my 4th rabbit today. It is always a big project to get the angora rabbits all sheared because they are on the same shearing schedule. I did one every day for 4 days. It was a lot more simple with my new clippers because I was able to just get the shearing done without a problem at all It used to take me hours and hours to do each rabbit (an entire afternoon really), but I was able to get the rabbits done in good time in between everything else I had going on. I need to take some photos because I feel like they always look super funny with no hair.

The meat chickens have moved outside (from the bathtub and then the garage). They are happy to be outside, and they've been moving around the yard slowly working on destroying it as quickly as possible. Our lawn in the back has always been really crummy. After the chickens were on it last year, it seems to have improved a lot. This is the ONLY batch of meat chickens that I am going to do this year. I've got an appointment to butcher them on June 13th. They are going to be BIG suckers, but it is totally worth it. I love having wonderful chicken in the house available to eat at any time. I love knowing that I grew it myself. So, they are happy to be out in the grass with lots of food and water.

I put up a piece of fabric to keep the laying hens from getting out in the yard. I am about to plant some seedlings, and it is going to be a HUGE problem if they get out and eat the seedlings I've been working for 6 weeks to grow. That would not make a happy mama at all. The gate has been a work in progress for almost a year, and I think the solution I came up with is fantastically brilliant. The good news is that it is doing a VERY good job at this point, and I anticipate that it will continue in that fashion.

I've got more on the list to be pressure washed, but that will have to happen tomorrow after the deck is all the way painted and dry. I don't need dust and water and god knows what else settling on it while it is trying to fully dry.

Nico is working on the deck today, and it should be completely done by tomorrow. I am excited that we have actually done some home improvement. I feel like a responsible homeowner. Additionally, though I would rather live on a farm, the neater it gets around here, and the more organized, the more I realize that I am incredibly lucky and that the things I have going on here are wonderful.

I've got to get enough gumption up to be able to finish the garage because a wonderfully organized the garage is enough to boost anyone's mood!

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